CASE STUDY: Cocos Early Learning Centre

Everyone adored their original centre manager, so when she left, we knew we had big shoes to fill… The MH Team found a manager with just the right skills – but more importantly – the right personality to fit into this unique service

Key Challenges

Cocos Early Learning Centre had five services and a high rate of occupancy—well above industry standards.

Their outgoing Centre Manager was great at her job and had outstanding rapport with the whole team, so Cocos needed a replacement with unique experience, a good personality fit, and the skills to manage their centres.

In addition, Cocos works for families with very high expectations, so any changes in staffing have a clear impact on their clients. The new candidate would need to be great under pressure.

Finally, ownership of Cocos was in transition at the time, so they needed an incoming manager who was a proactive, a natural leader, and not afraid to jump right in.

The MH Solution

Cocos told us that we were the first recruitment team that really took the time to understand their unique challenges from the outset.

Our team went through the MH Recruitment Process with extra attention on Cocos’ business strategy, since they were such a large business and were anticipating the change in ownership.

This had us honing in on candidates who displayed independence and resilience in their work experience.

Clear Results

After we found a candidate who fit the criteria beautifully, she transitioned into the role smoothly, took the initiative needed, and has proven to fit very well into the centre environment. 

In addition to being a great fit that the team loves, this smooth staffing transition allowed the owners to sell their centre without a hitch.

What Our Clients Are Saying …

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